About Me

My name is Kathy Ruzan. I reside in Macomb County in a suburb just outside Detroit, Michigan.

With all our seasons available as backdrops the options are endless for sessions. Metro Parks, Lakes, Small Town atmosphere or for the adventurous, a short car ride will get us to the Motor City.  I love taking High School Seniors to the D and discovering a building with cool graffiti. Whatever suits your taste!

In the early years on the weekends I would go see the local music talent. I would be found up front with my point and shoot taking pictures. Typically I would meet the band afterward.  Shyness is not my weakness.  I’ve met a lot of cool people and have established relationships with some along with their families and friends.  Connections were made along with many opportunities. 

Eventually came my second stage career, Professional Photography!  I put my point and shoot on the shelf and bought a ‘real camera’ and my 9-5 turned into 24-7. The endless journey begins. 

Now our society is camera happy. There are cameras everywhere. Phones, computers  probably watches, too. Everyone thinks they are a "photographer", but few are Professional Photographers! As a licensed professional I hold myself to a higher standard in both photography and as a business woman. Continuing education plus securing clients who appreciate my commitment to the profession is part of my business plan.

Today I'm creating professional portraits of Children, Families, Events, and yes, I am still upfront shooting the bands!

I am staff photographer at RL Recordings and a member of DMA (Detroit Music Academy)

Feel free to check out this small portion of my portfolio.  When the need arises I hope you keep me in mind for your photography needs.  



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