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Hello All and Happy Holidays!

So often as I'm doing dishes I look across into the living room and see those beautiful displayed images of my family. It warms my heart.  It gives me pride. I value them. There is one of my grandson that makes me laugh. It's just so him. My family "works of art".  A couple weeks back I said to Jeff,  'you know your great grandchildren will see this portrait long after we are gone. They will be able to look at it and smile, look at your eyes and say, I have his eyes and maybe they'll laugh at it, too. It doesn't matter, you will be remembered and the trigger may be this portrait! 

Now that the holidays are among us I remember my, now deceased, parents. Oh the memories of the season. My mothers way of putting 1 tinsel on the tree at a time (certainly the kids would wad and throw), the popcorn stringing (that never worked, we just ate it).  My dad joking and making us laugh.  I now wish I had a large portrait of them to display. Sure I can go through the boxes of dusty pictures from years back and that does give me happiness but if I only had 1 nice portrait of my dad and mother I could look at everyday and think 'I do have my mothers eyes!'

This time of year brings families together. Some maybe from out of town who you only see once a year.  Sure, everyone will pull out their fancy cell phones and maybe bring out their camera and snap away.  Get that instant gratification of looking, sharing, posting.  Then a couple days go by and poof. Those pictures are now among the million other pictures you took with your phone or they remain on your disk.  Do yourself a favor, Print, Print, Print.  Pick your favorite and get it nice and big! Display it on your wall, place it on your mantel, put it by your bed. It doesn't matter, Just print it!

Do you have your loved ones in for a couple weeks? Do you want that 1 awesome portrait professionally taken for you to look at everyday.  Call me, come over. I'll take that picture for you!  I'll get it professionally printed! Better yet, get that portrait of yourself! I know what you're thinking. I'm old, I've looked better. Guess what? YOUR KIDS DON'T CARE!  I bet they would love to sit back on their couch and see that 1 awesome picture of you looking back at them.  This is a wonderful way of Sharing and Displaying Love, that will last a lifetime.  A true gift!  Enjoy your wonderful family time and do yourself a favor, preserve those memories, nobody lasts forever! Print those pictures or call me. I'll do all the leg work and I'll make it a fun experience for you too! (Guess what, I can even take a couple wrinkles out for you, No Problem, and no one will be the wiser).

Sending Peace and Love to All!

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